What is a Parking Development Consultant?

As with any new endeavor or analysis of an existing business function, a business or corporation must always consider whether that function fits within the scope of the entity’s core competencies as well as its impact on the bottom line; in that consideration are three basic questions for the business:

  • Are the administrative and operating costs a constant fixed line-item deficit or are they offset by other revenue streams or investments?
  • Does the company possess the resources and supporting infrastructure to build or expand, or operate and maintain the line of business?
  • Is the expertise necessary for discovery, design and development of the project or operation currently within the resource portfolio of the business?

A hospital is engaged in the business of saving lives and caring for the sick; developing and even management of parking operations are far down on the list of priorities, but they are an important part of the overarching experience for patients, visitors and, service providers alike. Poorly run parking operations can drive patients and ancillary services to seek friendlier environments. With that in mind, the executives and where present, the Board of Director’s or Trustee’s, must decide if the parking operation is better served through an outsourced solution or if the hospital’s administrative and operational infrastructure can develop and/or manage it in-house. A major consideration in this decision-making process with respect to new or existing operations is the expansion of existing parking or development of a new facility and where best does the competency lay with respect to undertaking such projects.

This is where the Parking Development Consultant, like Greg Hatfield of Trans Park LLC and his network of seasoned, professional architects, engineers, transportation specialists and urban-suburban planners, play a very important role.

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