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Over the past 40 years, Greg Hatfield has been at the forefront of the parking industry development marketplace with experience at the local, regional and national level. From the start of his career with Central Parking of Nashville, TN, he has successfully engaged and retained the very best practitioners in architectural engineering, systems design and general facilities operations for every type of project endeavor, regardless of complexity.

Greg oversees each project with an “unfailing attention to detail,” treating your investment as though it were his own. Every project team assembled and engaged brings a high degree of knowledge and experience to every aspect of a project employing standards developed through years of personal excellence as well as the best practices and methodologies of the parking industry itself.

Greg and his partners and executive teams involved with each development or management project routinely develop various types of parking analyses to determine current and future demands upon a specific geographical area, business complex or existing parking facility. Using industry tested, reliable practices, they determine the need for additional parking by studying and analyzing the nature of the traffic generators and by examining existing parking supply to include availability and utilization.

Trans Park LLC can also assist with modifications and rehabilitation projects for existing facilities, special operations management contracts, individualized leasing programs, financing, joint ventures or other parking related projects.

Trans Park LLC’s core competencies in development & consultation expertise Include but are not limited to:

Facilities Planning, Design, & Utilization                                   Traffic Demand Flow & Control Surveys
Facilities Modification or Rehabilitation                                    Ancillary Management Systems
Facility Maintenance & Protection                                                Special Parking Related Projects
Custom Management Contracts                                                   Joint Ventures
Individualized Leases & Contracting                                           Cash & Contract Revenue Systems
Security                                                                                                   Signage

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